Why You Don’t Have to Be Afraid to Break Up with Cable

Breaking up is hard to do, but not when you’re thinking of breaking up with your expensive cable bills. Average cable prices have been a point of tension for consumers for several decades now, but cutting the cord can leave many people feeling anxious. If you’re one of them, you may think you will miss out on some quality TV time if you dismiss cable. To ease those fears, however, here are a few perks to getting rid of cable and getting rid of that pricey bill for good. 

You Can Still Watch Your Fave Shows 

If your main concern about cutting out cable is missing out on the daily dose of your most beloved TV shows, you should stop stressing. That’s because, with streaming devices, you can still access your favorite television shows with a few button presses. This means you can still watch all the shows on your favorite channels, such as HBO, CBS or NBC, without selling your own soul to cover that crazy-high cable bill. Best of all, streaming players allow you to access more channels and streaming services with a single device. You can even watch local channels so you never have to worry about missing out on the latest local news, weather, and shows.

You Can Also Watch Brand New Movies 

Ever flipped through the channels trying only to find you just missed the ending to your favorite movie? Or, have you anxiously waited for a new movie to be released on one of those premium channels? Well, with a streaming service, the wait for those new movies is over. You can rent movies using streaming services that you can access with your brand new streaming device.  Many of these services offer new releases to rent or buy, but you can also watch free movies when you pay for many streaming services. So, not only will you be avoiding hefty cable and satellite bills, but you can also save a little more money by opting for snacks you make at home

You Can Stop Paying for TV You Don’t Watch 

You know those channels you constantly flip through but never watch? There are so many news, entertainment, sports, and other channels that tend to come with most satellite or cable packages. Well, even if you’re not watching those channels, you’re still paying for them if you are still paying for a cable package. This means that a percentage of your cable bill is actually going toward shows you may not even know exist — or programs you really don’t care about. With streaming services, however, you choose what to pay for, and you can still watch reruns of just about any obscure or old television show you can possibly think of. 

You Can Finally Send Your Kids to College 

Think that sounds like an exaggeration? Well, take a look at this article from 20-Something Finance, which explains how cable can end up costing you anywhere from $839,000 to well over $5 million over a lifetime, depending on when you start service, how much you pay and the average increase in cable rates over the next several years. So, if you plan on watching TV for the rest of your life, paying for cable could cost you more than a college education. Realistically, though, you won’t save millions by cutting the cord. You can, however, start spending those monthly fees on other fun activities, like a budget-friendly vacation or a cozy couch for binge-watching sessions, which by the way can have some benefits for your well-being after all! 

We know having the break-up conversation with your cable company can be awkward. But you have to think of all the savings and perks you can look forward to after you get over your phone phobia and cut the cord for good. Because you can still watch your favorite shows, stream your favorite movies, and access your favorite channels, and you can do so without having cable be a major expense for your household budget.

Photo Credit: Unsplash